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Braces for Adults

Braces for Adults in Hamden, CT

It’s never too late to straighten your smile, especially with the array of treatment options to choose from. At the orthodontic practice of Dr. Mark J. Schpero, we provide adults braces options in Hamden for patients who wish to have a uniform smile. Whether you’ve never received orthodontic treatment before, or you had been deterred by the ideal of metal braces, we offer alternative braces to meet your needs.

Achieve a straighter smile with customized orthodontic treatment for adults. Contact our practice today!

Types of Adult Braces

As a specialist, Dr. Mark J. Schpero provide reliable and versatile orthodontic treatment that successfully realigns permanent teeth, correcting orthodontic concerns and aesthetic issues. We create treatment plans that correct teeth alignment, using expedited processes whenever possible. Our Hamden orthodontic office provides patients with three main braces options:

Metal Braces – These appliances use metal wires and brackets to guide your teeth and readjust your beautiful bite. Monthly visits with Dr. Schpero are required for routine adjustments. 

Clear Braces –This orthodontic option is less noticeable than their traditional counter parts. Made of ceramic, tooth-colored brackets and wires, these braces follow the same treatment process as traditional metal braces. You are invited back to our dental practice for monthly adjustments. 

Invisalign® - This treatment system utilizes a series of clear aligners that gradually moves teeth into alignment. Worn on both the upper and lower arches, set of trays are provided every few weeks to advance movement. Nearly invisible in the smile, Invisalign® clear aligners allow patients the convenience of discreet treatment to straighten their smile without changing their daily activities. These custom aligning trays are fit directly to the contours of your smile, and patients can view simulated final results before treatment even begins. 

Braces for Adults in Hamden 

For adult patients, orthodontics are especially beneficial to can correct a number of issues, such as misalignment due to trauma or a relapse from previous orthodontic treatment. Dr. Mark J. Schpero provides services to change patients’ smiles and improve their oral health. 
A straight, aligned smile is easier to brush and floss daily and looks aesthetically pleasing. Healthy bite alignment can also prevent the onset of TMJ dysfunction. Other benefits of adult braces includes:

- Decreased risk of periodontal disease
- Reduction in general tooth decay
- Reduction of needed dental work over time

Dr. Mark J. Schpero provides experienced orthodontic treatments and properly diagnoses alignment concerns, recommending care that matches your goals and expectations. He reviews each braces option with you, and helps determine the best method to achieve the smile you want. Whether you are interested in metal braces, clear bracketed treatment, or Invisalign clear aligners, we have options to treat the most severe orthodontic concerns. 

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Braces for adults in our Hamden orthodontic office are provided with your comfort and convenience in mind. For more information about our braces options, contact the practice of Mark J Schpero, DDS, today. 



I want to thank you for recommending Invisalign braces when I first visited your office 14 months ago. My dentist highly recommended you since one of your specialties is adult orthodontics. It has been such a positive, easy experience using the clear aligners and I am thrilled with my new beautiful, straight teeth. You cannot imagine the additional self-confidence it has given me.

As you know, work in sales and marketing and I am in my late 50's. For years I have wanted to straighten my teeth because I was always self conscience of my teeth. I wish I had visited your office years ago because the process of the removable, Invisalign aligners allowed me to continue to transact business and enjoy social activities with people no realizing I was wearing braces.

All of your office staff was so professioal and accommodating with appointments, and I want to thank you personally for the dental guidance and encouragement you have given me. You have literally changed my life and I wish I had decided to do this procedure years ago.

L. L.

Dr. Schpero is absolutely amazing. The experience from start to finish has been seamless, and dare I say-painless?! Dr. Schpero is the consummate professional, making sure that I understood each step and answering any questions or concerns that I had. I could see an improvement in my teeth almost immediately, and, now that my braces are off, I cannot tell you how happy I am with how my teeth look. I would recommend Dr. Schpero to anyone, and thoughly enjoyed my entire experience with him and all of his staff. Thank you so much, I will actually miss seeing you and your staff on a monthly basis!


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